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How To Drink On Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a holiday that can come with all sorts of decisions.  You don't want a ton of options to drive you to a state of decision paralysis.  So what do you do if you plan to have a drink or two?  This humorous Thanksgiving drinking guide from VinePair (click here to read it) is helpful.  Many thanks to my good friend (and fellow unrepentant drinker) Ilan for sharing this with me.

Looks like I could be drinking some combination of vodka, top notch Barolo wine, Negronis, and fine Scotch.  Not all at the same time.





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What are you thoughts on mulled wine? I am going to whip up a batch for the first time ever this year!

Wulf Cocktail Den

I know nothing about mulled wine, so I cannot give you any good advice. Sangria (wine to which one adds liqueurs and fruit) is the closest thing to mulled wine that I know. All I can say is the motto of the British Special Air Service (their version of U.S. Special Forces) -- who dares wins!


Thanks for the encouragement. I know nothing of it either! I even had to have someone help me pick out the Merlot! 😂

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