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Party Like It's 1959

Or, in the words of Prince, party like it's 1999.  Just as long as it's a cocktail party.  This 2014 article from the Huffington Post website gives you nine good reasons to have a cocktail party (click here for the article).  Sometimes the old ways are the best; James Bond geeks like me will know from which movie this line comes (hint -- Moneypenny utters it).  Thanks to my friend Joselle for posting the article.

Pearls Before Swine

So what should you serve at your cocktail party?  Obviously I suggest libations from the Wulf Cocktail Den, or whatever your liver desires.  Even if using the word "libation" might make you a snooty fatface (thanks to Stephan Pastis and his great comic strip Pearls Before Swine).




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