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What's The Over/Under On Your Drink?

I'm not talking about a bet you make at a bar, a sports book, or a bar near a sports book.  I'm talking about the thing underneath your drink -- the coaster.

CoastersAs I learned in this article from Tales Of The Cocktail (click here), originally the coaster went over the drink in order to keep things out of it.  As time went by the placement and purpose of coasters changed.  Now they go under your drink and serve as in your face (literally, if you've had too much) marketing material. Unfortunately there are still good reasons why you might want to cover your unattended drink, e.g. roofies also known as Rohypnol (ladies in particular -- please Google this if you don't already know what it is).  So a coaster can be decorative and protective.

Thanks to my lovely wife for telling me about the article.  And thank her when you win a bar bet based on this new esoteric knowledge.


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