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Blueberry Booze -- Mirtillocello

This is not something you put in breakfast cereal.  Let me rephrase -- you could put it in cereal, but you really shouldn't.

So what is mirtillocello?  Mirtillo is the Italian word for blueberry, and mirtillocello is the newest addition to my alcoholic string section of cellos.  Blueberry cello is stunningly easy to make.  The process is exactly the same as I used to make Lupo lamponecello (raspberry liqueur).

In Cellos We Trust
In Cellos We Trust.

Stage One --Put 18 ounces of blueberries (preferably organic) in a container with 750 milliliters of 190 proof grain alcohol (I used Everclear).  Wait five to seven days.

Stage Two -- make super simple syrup with three cups of water and two and a quarter cups of sugar.  Wait until it cools to room temperature.  Strain the blueberries from the Stage One mixture and combine with the super simple syrup.   Store in a cool, dark place for four weeks.

Stage Three -- enjoy, perhaps while listening to an appropriately themed song such as Blueberry Hill (go for the versions by Fats Domino or Louis Armstrong).

Be careful if you have one of these cellos.  As my friend Steve, a member of the Society of Unrepentant Drinkers, recently told me: "I didn't think they were strong ..... until I tried to stand up."  I like to think my cellos are like me -- may not look like much, but hits hard.


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