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American Exceptionalism -- Bourbon

Neat, with a little water, on the rocks, or in a cocktail.   Today is National Bourbon Day, so it's time to celebrate with your favorite bourbon(s)!

Raise a glass!
Raise a glass!

Contrary to popular belief, this classic American spirit does not have to be made in Kentucky. A lot of great bourbon comes out of Kentucky (Willett Pot Still is my favorite), and I've had great bourbon that does not come from Kentucky, e.g. Garrison Brothers in Texas or A. Smith Bowman in Virginia.

I'll distill (pun intended) bourbon's legal and technical requirements down to this -- it has to be made in the United States, contain at least 51% corn, and age in new charred oak barrels for at least two years.  Distillers in other countries frequently take used bourbon barrels to age spirits like scotch and sherry.  So in a way, other countries are getting Americans' sloppy seconds.

Not sure which bourbon based cocktail to have?  For ideas, click the "Bourbon" category on the right.  Consider going with a cocktail that is classic, e.g. a Manhattan or a Boulevardier, related to some excellent movies, e.g. a Pussycat  or an Inside Job, or a mix of old school and modern, e.g. a Black Hat or a Whiskey Crusta.  Just have some good old American bourbon fun.



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