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Some Bitter Love -- Amaro Amore

As Valentine's Day is approaching, I had to post about a somewhat contrarian cocktail. Amaro amore literally means "bitter love" in Italian. Most versions of this cocktail have gin as the base spirit.  I'm not partial to most gins, so I adapted the Amaro Amore from something I saw on a Toronto bar's menu:

Drink this while listening to "Con Te Partiro" by Andrea Bocelli,  Or "I Hate Myself For Loving You" by Joan Jett.
Drink this while listening to "Con Te Partiro" by Andrea Bocelli. Or "I Hate Myself For Loving You" by Joan Jett.

1.5 ounces Averna
.75 ounces Campari
Juice from 1/4 lemon
.75 ounces super simple syrup
1 egg white

Combine in a shaker without ice (this is dry shaking), shake with passion, add ice, shake again (this is wet shaking), then strain into a chilled glass.

True to its name, the only spirits in this cocktail are amari (bitters).  Averna is very good on its own.  Don't drink Campari on its own unless you're a masochist.  All of the seemingly disparate flavors combine nicely.  That's a fancy way of saying there's a lot going on in the Amaro Amore. It is an excellent after dinner drink (trust me on this).

So why the dry shake then the wet shake?  I'm not a scientist so you're not going to get some technical answer or explanation from me.  You do the double shake because of the egg white.  If you dry shake a cocktail that contains egg white before wet shaking it, you get something even frothier than you would with just a regular wet shake.  If the preceding sentence sounds vaguely dirty to you ...... then great minds think alike.


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