A Princely Cocktail -- The Raspberry Beret
Inside The Oyster -- The Passion Pearl

Knives And Heels -- The Stiletto

A stiletto can be classy, deadly, or both depending on context.  Like the blade on the namesake knife or the namesake heel on a lady's shoe, the narrow focus of this cocktail can lead to quite effective results.  Thanks to Shaun the Bartender's website for introducing me to this drink.

If my wife was a fighter pilot, her call sign would be Stiletto.
If my wife was a fighter pilot, her call sign would be Stiletto.

2 ounces bourbon
Juice from 1/4 a lemon
.75 ounces amaretto

Combine into a shaker with ice, shake like you're getting away from business end of the knife or heel, and strain into a chilled glass.

There are only three ingredients, so you can manipulate them pretty easily to get a different taste.  Want more sour?  Use a little more lemon juice.  Want more sweet?  Use a little more amaretto.  You get the idea.

The classic song  "Mack The Knife" goes well with this cocktail.  Many performers have recorded the tune. In no particular order I prefer Louis Armstrong, Frank Sinatra, or the Brian Setzer Orchestra.  Just don't have too much fun while drinking this cocktail, or you could end up like one of Macheath's targets.


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Anthony Wayne

Cocktails, knives and stilettos in the same article. Drinking , knives, and women..are pretty high up in most mens priority list. www.techknives.com has the knife part covered, but need the other two.


Thank your for sharing the experience of you life. We are at the same place. We can figure out the way it should be by sharing.

stiletto knife

A stiletto knife is an Italian knife and is basically a combat knife. It has a long and slender blade with a very sharp point on the blade. It can penetrate deeply into the body.

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