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Raspberries, Italian Style -- Lamponecello

Don't let the color fool you.  This packs a hell of a punch.
Don't let the color fool you. This liqueur packs a hell of a punch.

After successful experiments with Italian citrus based liqueurs such as limoncello and arancello, my wife suggested I use berries. Raspberries to be specific (lampone is the Italian word for raspberry).  The process is very similar to making the citrus based liqueurs, but the difference is the first stage doesn't take nearly as long. Here's how to do it:

Stage One:
Put 18 ounces of raspberries (preferably organic) in a container with 750 milliliters of 190 proof grain alcohol (I used Everclear).  Wait five to seven days, or until the berries turn white.  Seriously, that's it.

Stage Two:
Make super simple syrup with three cups of water and two and a quarter cups of sugar.  Wait until it cools to room temperature.  Strain the raspberries out of the Stage One mixture and combine with the super simple syrup.   Store in a cool, dark place for four weeks.

Stage Three:
Enjoy, perhaps while listening to an appropriate song such as Raspberry Beret by Prince.  Unlike the beret he describes in the song, this liqueur is not something you'd find in a secondhand store.


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Kim Morris

I can’t drink it as soon as I add the simple syrup?

Wulf Cocktail Den

You can, but I think it tastes better if you give it a little time to settle (and chill it in the refrigerator).

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