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A Cuban Classic -- The Mojito

Even though it is now late December, I decided to make mojitos for two reasons: (1) Cuba is in the news because of President Obama's recent announcement to normalize relations, and (2) I happened to have all of the ingredients (whenever someone gives you two reasons the second one usually is the real one).

The mojito is a Cuban cocktail that is closely related to a real daiquiri. The major difference between the two is mint.  My mojito making method (try saying that a few times fast) is a little different:

Viva Cuba Libre!
Viva Cuba Libre!

2 ounces light rum
.75 ounces super simple syrup
Juice from 1/2 a lime
4-5 mint leaves
1-2 dashes Angostura bitters

Put the mint and super simple syrup in a shaker, muddle the mint, add ice and the other ingredients, shake like you're a mambo maniac, and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.  Garnish with mint and/or lime optional.

When I say muddle the mint leaves, I mean  press them gently, not beat them into oblivion.  You don't need to put much effort into muddling.

There are three things about this method that might strike you as unusual.  First, I use Angostura bitters.  They give the cocktail an interesting twist.   Second, I don't use club soda.  When most places serve you a mojito you'll get it in a tall glass topped off with club soda.  That's not how the Wulf Cocktail Den does it.  I just don't care for carbonated beverages.  Third, I shake the cocktail, not stir it, because of the lime juice.  It all ties back to the Hamlet Cocktail Condundrum.

P.S.  Contrary to popular belief, a Cuba Libre is not the same thing as a rum and Coke.  It is a rum and Coke with lime juice.


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