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You Might NOT Be An Alcoholic If .....

You have a few cocktails per week.  Today the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) released a study that indicated that 90% of heavy drinkers are not alcoholics.  In case you're wondering, the CDC defines heavy drinking as eight or more drinks per week if you're a lady or 15 or more drinks per week if you're a man.  Although the study sample is quite large (more than 138,000 people),  the respondents self-reported, so some people have not have been completely honest (about the alcoholism part, not the amount of drinks consumed part). 

Click here for a short article about the study.

 There are four important points here:

1.  You can have a few libations from the Wulf Cocktail Den per week and not be a heavy drinker clinically speaking.
2.  Drink responsibly.
3.  If you make a mistake and don't drink responsibly, that doesn't necessarily make you an alcoholic.
4.  Hold your liquor.


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