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Bonjour Y'all -- The Bourbon Renaissance

Mediterranean Citrus -- The Italian Sunrise

Varenna on Lake Como
Varenna on Lake Como

Like cocktails, travel is one of my other passions.  I've had the good fortune to be able to travel around the United States and around the world.  I also have the good fortune to be a married to a lady who occasionally travels for business.  This means I can play the role of freeloading husband.  If there was an Oscar for such a role, I would have won the award many times.

A few years ago she had a business trip to Milan.  We explored the city and nearby Lake Como.  Milan is Italy's commercial capital and is not as tourist friendly as other places in Italy (I actually respect that).  The Lake Como area is simply stunning. After I went to one part of Lake Como with my wife and her co-workers, I liked it so much I went back to a different part while she was stuck in a meeting that was straight out of Dante's Inferno.

The Duomo in Milan (taken from the roof of the Duomo) at sunset
The Duomo in Milan (taken from the roof of the Duomo) at sunset

I did not see an Italian sunrise in Lake Como or Milan (I did in Venice on a different trip), but the namesake cocktail is perfect for warm weather, or if you're just dreaming of warm weather.

1.5 ounces vodka (I recommend Zyr)
.75 ounces Lupo limoncello
.5 ounces Campari
Juice from 1/8 lemon or orange

Combine into a shaker with ice, shake like you're on a boat in choppy water outside of Bellagio (the lovely picturesque town, not the casino in Las Vegas), and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.

If the cocktail is too sweet, I suggest adding a dash or two of orange bitters.  Conversely, if the cocktail is too tart, I suggest adding half an ounce of super simple syrup.


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