Who's Your Bourbon Daddy? -- Pappy Van Winkle
Mediterranean Citrus -- The Italian Sunrise

An Alcoholic String Section -- The Cellos

My cellos -- calce (lime), aran (orange), and limon (lemon)
My cellos -- calce (lime), aran (orange), and limon (lemon)

I’m not referring to the musical instrument (although a group of drunken Yo-Yo Ma protégés could make some very interesting music), but types of Italian fruit liqueurs.  After my successful  experiment in making Lupo limoncello (click here to see how), I decided to branch out and combine Everclear with other citrus.  So far I’ve used mandarin oranges (arancello) and limes (calcecello) in the same process.

You can drink any of the cellos on their own (I recommend serving them chilled) and they’re quite good in cocktails.  Here’s an easy and tasty recipe:

1.5 ounces vodka (I’m a big fan of Zyr)
.75 ounces limon, aran, or calce cello

Combine in shaker with ice, stir like you’re the maestro at La Scala, then strain into chilled cocktail glass.

If the end result is too tart for you, just add simple syrup.  If you use mandarin oranges for arancello, you probably won’t need simple syrup because mandarin oranges are sweeter than navel oranges. That may be why Lupo arancello is extremely popular.


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